Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Trip to Conoor

Today we took a trip to Conoor to do some shopping. The Weber family was planning to go with us, but some staff arrived last night sick so Suzanne decided to stay behind to take care of them (I'm sure I'll have plenty of opportunities to do the same in the future). Roger and the kids went with us, though, and we had a great time.
One of the ways to get to and from Conoor is by train. It costs around 15 rupees for the entire family to travel this way (less than 50 cents), so if you don't mind a couple of quick stops along the way it's a beautiful trip. Once in Conoor, we took the kids to Sims Park where we hiked around and looked at flowers, paddled around the pond in a boat, and played at a children's playground. The playgrounds in India are quite different than those in the US, mainly because they don't follow any safety standards. The slides are very steep, and the climbing towers are unusually tall. Oh well, the kids had a great time!
These pics are of the toy train that we rode to Conoor, the engine of the train that we took back to Ooty, and Ketti Valley on the way back. The really green picture is of a tea plantation between Ooty and Conoor - Mom and Kendra, I took that one for you!

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cnkee said...

Love the blog entries. It is so nice to be able to be apart of all the events, even if we are so far away!! Love you guys:)

Alan, Charis, Gregory and Will