Saturday, July 19, 2008

First Day in India

Well, the last night was pretty rough. Lauren, Brenna, and I slept fine, but Addie did all. Well, that's not totally true because she slept really well from 1-3:00 am. It's just that she was awake from then on. When I woke up at 7:30, I found Ryan sitting against the wall in the living room with this far off look, and Addie was running around like a crazy girl. So, Ryan put in some earplugs and went to bed while I played with the girls and took them to breakfast. Now they are playing with paper dolls, and Ryan is still sleeping. The nice thing about Indian construction is that the floors are concrete, so the girls can run around without causing much noise. The downside is that the floor is extremely hard, as witnessed by Addie who fell off of Brenna's bed a few minutes ago. She now has a small bump over her left ear, but hopefully doesn't have a concussion. It was so sad, as she cried and cried and then said that she wanted to go home. When I told her that this was our home today, she told me that she wanted "Mom-house," which means she wanted to go to my parents' in Colorado. We were able to go out to the living room and find Dora the Explorer on TV. Evidently it doesn't matter to 2 year olds if Dora is speaking Hindi.

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