Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sorry It's Been So Long!

We have been in Ooty now for a week, but we are just now able to log onto the internet. It has been an amazing week! We are making many new friends, and have been having so many new experiences. Our home is just like the pictures that we posted on our blog earlier, but it is quite rustic. The climate here is much like the Oregon coast, so everything gets damp and mildew can be a problem. I attacked our kitchen sink with some bleach, and that seemed to really help. The next project will be the bathroom!
The rest of the new staff will arrive next weekend, and then we will start orientation. Right now we are just trying to venture out a little bit every day. Over the weekend we had a great time with the Parks family. They are the American family that works with Freedom Firm, and he is on the Hebron School Council. They took us to the Holiday Inn for indoor swimming and a "beef burger". Everyone had a really great time!
On Sunday we went to St. Stephen's church (CSI) and then met the Parks at another nice hotel for a great buffet. It was a little spendy by Indian standards - $35 for the entire family, but it was nice to have a little "splurge".
I promise to keep updating daily now. And I promise to add some stories of what we've been doing this past week - with pictures. Right now I need to get home because Ryan has had the girls for over an hour while I worked on online-banking and such. We should have internet in our flat sometime soon as well, so that will be more convenient.
We love and miss you all!

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baaslady said...

Oh Ketchums! We love you and miss you so much. Your adventures have been so fun to follow. We can almost hear you telling the stories in person as we all sit around the table in the Dex. I loved the story of Brenna with the millipedes. :) Know that you are loved and thought of often.