Monday, July 21, 2008

Staying in Whitefield

We have been in Whitefield (Bangalore suburb) since Saturday, and we've been staying at the same place we stayed last summer. It brings back so many great memories being at the ECC. We are actually in the guesthouse that Todd and Micah shared, and where we had our only rehearsal in India!
Addie is finally sleeping normal hours - didn't wake up this morning until 6am! Of course it was all we could do to stay awake until 9pm. It rained really hard last night, so that was fun to experience. This morning there were giant snails all over our walkway. Brenna has especially enjoyed them (not sure why - it's just one of those quirky Brenna things). She has also liked all of the giant millipedes that are all around the ECC. We were calling for her around breakfast time, and she answered, "Guys, I'm outside watching these millipedes make a baby!" Addie has also liked them, but she calls them minna-peeds. She thinks they're so wonderful that she can't help but step on them after she gets done watching them. Such a pleasant child.
Some big news that we are dying to share from this week is that Addie is finally saying "Thank you". This may not seem like a big deal to most people, but we have been trying to get her to say this forever and she always refused. I think it was Saturday or Sunday, and she asked me to find her blanket. When I gave it to her she said, "Tank you, Mommy." When I asked her today if she needed to go to the bathroom she said, "No tank you, Mommy." Crazy girl - I knew she could say it!


mirandapalmer said...

Hi Ketchums!
I was thinking about you and remembered you had a blog. I can't believe that I'm reading about your Monday on my Monday morning. Technology is amazing.
Congratulations on the HUGE accomplishment of moving yourselves to India! Wow. This experience is going to be beautiful. You are meant to be there - God has clearly orchestrated everything to fall into place (including your hard work toward that end).
Tell Lauren and Brenna 'hi' from me, please.
You'll be in my family's thoughts and prayers.
Miranda Palmer

cindy said...

We love hearing the details of your trip and life in Ooty. Looked at it in Google maps--quite interesting.
Also loved the Kee comments; it wasn't too difficult to deduce which parent wrote which!
You have our love and prayers.
Auntie cb

Bryon Knight said...

Hey Guys!

Thank for sharing your "adventures" and special moments with all of us. I miss you guys already and totally sympathize with the airport story and not being able to sleep the first night! Ryan, I've seen that blank stare, and what's scary is I think he's even sleeping with his eyes open! Anyway, love you guys and am looking forward to following your stories!

Jen said...

Solomon wants to see a picture of the huge snails and millepeeds... next time take a picture!

Also, he mentioned on his own accord that he wanted to see Brenna and missed her that he didn't want to wait until 4th grade to see her! :)

Jessica said...

Oh I remember all the snails! And it seemed like they really liked the front walkway of the house micah and todd stayed in! I still can't believe that you moved to India! I love you all soooo much! You are constantly in my thoughts and prayers!

Ale said...

Hey Ketchum!

I'm just on to say hi and I'm praying for you while you make your transition in India! I'm so excited to read all your updates!
Alesha McCall

PS--Angela, I met you in the WM office in KC. Just in case you're wondering who I am.

ketchumfamily said...

Thank you for leaving comments! They are such an encouragement to us!