Tuesday, August 16, 2011

This is the way we go to school...

This is how the girls come and go to school each day. It's called a tuk-tuk (sounds like took) and it's pulled by a moto (motorcycle) driven by our friend Wibol (pronounced Vee-bol). Clear?!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Our House

I don't have any pictures of the inside of our house, except for a couple of shots taken just after our crate from India exploded in our kitchen, that I really want to (okay, so the crate didn't actually explode, but from the mess you would've thought it had). But I do have some pictures of the view from our house. I'll work on getting more shots - until then, just enjoy these!

Looking west from our rooftop - the road you can see is 1966, heading towards Hanoi

Looking west from our front door (which is actually on the back of the house). The white balcony on the right is the kitchen balcony.

The view straight out of the kitchen door (looking south). The field behind our house is flooded from the monsoon rains, but our property is surrounded by a high concrete wall that keeps the water from flooding us (or at least our landlords - our house is on the 2nd and 3rd story, so we don't worry too much about floods).

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Staying Cool by Any Means Possible

Cambodia is hot. Now, most people here will say that it's not that hot, or that we should just wait until the hot season gets here. But to us, Cambodia is hot. So, we've had to get a little creative in dealing with the temperature and the humidity. This is what we've tried so far...

Facing one of the many fans in the house (singing is optional, but also very fun)

Swimming at Logos School (the pool is amazing!)

Eating crushed ice with new friends (at a great little restaurant downtown called The Blue Pumpkin)

Having your sister squirt lime juice into your mouth (while relaxing at an air-conditioned coffee shop)

And if all else fails - taking off your diaper and pointing your bottom straight at the fan during afternoon naptime!