Thursday, August 11, 2011

Staying Cool by Any Means Possible

Cambodia is hot. Now, most people here will say that it's not that hot, or that we should just wait until the hot season gets here. But to us, Cambodia is hot. So, we've had to get a little creative in dealing with the temperature and the humidity. This is what we've tried so far...

Facing one of the many fans in the house (singing is optional, but also very fun)

Swimming at Logos School (the pool is amazing!)

Eating crushed ice with new friends (at a great little restaurant downtown called The Blue Pumpkin)

Having your sister squirt lime juice into your mouth (while relaxing at an air-conditioned coffee shop)

And if all else fails - taking off your diaper and pointing your bottom straight at the fan during afternoon naptime!


Henderson Family said...

Love the last one! That is hilarious! We have a lot of humidity here and it has been over 100 more days than I care for, but at least we have a/c. So sorry you all have to handle it without! Hope you all are enjoying your new home :).

Kee Fam said...

LOVE the pictures of my favorite girls! Did Ryan go with you to Cambodia?