Monday, March 30, 2009

Creativity Day

The theme for Creativity Day was "In the Jungle". There were special activities for Junior School (equivalent of Elementary School), and all of the children got to ditch their uniforms and dress up. Ryan took the girls to the "props cupboard" here at Hebron, and they came out with some pretty cute outfits. Brenna was an explorer - complete with a Safari hat and an old camera. Lauren was a bird of paradise. And Addie was a jungle mouse - not sure if there are really mice in the jungle, but she was really cute! For some reason we didn't get a picture of Brenna, so the last one is Lauren and her friend Emma (the bird watcher).

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Edible Underwear

Now, before you get offended by the title of my note, let me tell you a little story...

For those of you who don't know, Addie has been potty training for the past few weeks. One of the conditions for her to wear her birthday crown was that she would be using the toilet and wearing underpants every day. She has been doing great, but for some reason we didn't plan ahead and bring her any underpants in her size when we moved to India. Strangely enough, undies in India are not commonly used by children so they are difficult to find and can be expensive. So, I asked my mom to send some new undies in the mail.

Also in this package my parents included a large canister of Gatorade, ant traps, a cake mix from her friend Virginia (thank you!), our new camera (since Addie broke our last one), 3 packs of Skittles, two ink cartridges for our printer, lots of undies for Lauren, Brenna, and Addie (since they've all been sharing the same 10 pairs)... and did I mention GATORADE?

Anyway, when the package arrived there was Gatorade powder leaking out of the corner, and when Ryan and the girls opened it up this is what they found...

Trying to make the package more fun, my mom had hidden underwear throughout the package. So, the mess was even bigger than first thought! Luckily everything in the package was unharmed - except for a few pairs of undies that are now tinted orange.

Here's one last photo for you to enjoy - it's Addie licking Gatorade powder off of her new undies!