Monday, March 30, 2009

Creativity Day

The theme for Creativity Day was "In the Jungle". There were special activities for Junior School (equivalent of Elementary School), and all of the children got to ditch their uniforms and dress up. Ryan took the girls to the "props cupboard" here at Hebron, and they came out with some pretty cute outfits. Brenna was an explorer - complete with a Safari hat and an old camera. Lauren was a bird of paradise. And Addie was a jungle mouse - not sure if there are really mice in the jungle, but she was really cute! For some reason we didn't get a picture of Brenna, so the last one is Lauren and her friend Emma (the bird watcher).


Karissa Lillian Ellingson said...

Oh they are so cute!
It looks like it was so much fun!
And man... Addie looks like
she's grown so much since
I just saw her over Christmas!!
Wow! : ) Oh dear oh dear! haha

ketchumfamily said...
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