Friday, May 25, 2007

Another Easter Picture of the Girls

Busy Times

It has been a long time since I last posted. The end of the school year is a very busy time for our family! The boys in the dorm moved out the first weekend in May. My (Angie) grandma came and spent the week with us, and was a huge help with our girls. Lauren and Brenna (and Angie) will finish school next week. We are all ready to enjoy the summer!
Since our last post, we've taken a few pictures of the girls. The one you see here has quite a story behind it. I (Angie) had gotten the girls all bathed and into their Easter dresses on Saturday. The weather report said that it would be rainy on Sunday, so we figured if we wanted pictures outside then we would need to get them done on Saturday. Right when we got outside, the wind started to pick up, and a few drops started falling. We were so determined to get pictures that we grabbed the camera and our huge umbrella, and we started across campus to a beautifully blossoming tree. Addie had just started walking, and we could not keep her contained. Lauren and Brenna were a little bit annoyed with having to take pictures in the first place, and I think we were all a little bit frustrated by the uncooperative weather. After taking a few pictures of the girls walking around, we decided that we should get one shot at the three of them sitting on a little park bench. We arranged the girls, and I started to take pictures. Unfortunately, I snapped one and then realized that the batteries were running low in the camera. As I was fiddling with it, I heard Lauren let out a yelp and Addie started crying. As I looked up, I saw that Addie had fallen off the park bench! And Lauren was yelling because Addie was holding onto her hair! Luckily for Addie, she had quite a handful, and it helped to break her fall. Needless to say, the picturesque moment was over. We loaded up our things and went home.
So, please enjoy this picture of the girls, and have a little laugh at our expense. It was quite a circus!