Friday, February 9, 2007


Lauren is feeling great!
Brushing her remaining teeth has been a little bit of a challenge - trying to be careful of her healing gums. Also, she would like everyone to know that she can still whistle!
Here's a picture of her "new" smile.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Teeth pulled

Today Lauren had six baby teeth pulled (under general anesthesia). She has crowding issues both on the top and on the bottom, and they were concerned that two of her front teeth were fused to each other and ankylosed to the bone. The good news was that the roots has fused to each other, but not to the bone. This meant that the removal was easier than expected - which means the recovery will be easier too. This morning when we got home, she was numb and swollen. After a couple servings of sherbet and chicken noodle soup for lunch, she is back to her old self. She still thinks that her mouth looks a little bit weird, but the fact that she got to take a day off school, watch movies, and eat ice cream seems to be worth it to her (not to mention the money that she's expecting to have under her pillow when she wakes up in the morning!)