Friday, February 9, 2007


Lauren is feeling great!
Brushing her remaining teeth has been a little bit of a challenge - trying to be careful of her healing gums. Also, she would like everyone to know that she can still whistle!
Here's a picture of her "new" smile.


Reiter family said...

Lauren - you look so cute! Love the smile! I'm glad you're doing well! Love you - say hi to your sisters and your parents for us - Aunt Cherie, Uncle Chris and cousin Abby

Kee family said...

Lauren - We are sure happy that you can still whistle! Hope the tooth fairies were all able to find you. Glad you are recuperating... Grandma Dixie and Grandpa Ron

Kathie said...

Lauren, your smile is just like Kayla's! You are so cute! Take care of your new smile. Love you, Auntie Kathie and Uncle Terry