Thursday, May 20, 2010

Umm... Dad?

On Saturday we took a walk across town to the Hebron girls' campus for a garage sale (because who appreciates a good garage sale more than Americans?). Since it was flower show weekend, the main entrance to school was closed so we had to go the back way. As we were headed down the hill, these buffalos were headed home to the Toda village up the hill. Lauren and Brenna were a bit nervous, but Addie didn't seem to care and Megann didn't even notice.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Okay, okay

So, I've gotten a few messages this week from friends and family wanting to know if there are any new pics of the girls or any updates on life in India. And, since Megann has officially grown out of the tiniest pajamas that she was wearing in the previous blog posts, I guess it is time to get back to it.

As for news, there isn't much. We are so grateful to everyone who has helped us to raise money for a larger vehicle. We have enough, and now all we need is a vehicle! Right now is tourist season, and there are so many pedestrians and busses in town that we just keep our little car parked here at the school. Ryan will probably need to go into the larger city to go "car shopping", but that just isn't a possibility right now. Our next big trip will be to the US Consulate in Chennai to get Megann a passport, and I've already informed him that we will be flying. No long car rides or overnight trains for this momma and baby right now!

Here are the latest pics of Megann (Meggie Moo, as her sisters call her).

Just so you understand... this post took me over an hour to write. Most of it was done one-handed while trying to get Megann to stay asleep. It was interrupted by two "wake-ups" from her nap, a feeding, a diaper change, and then a full outfit change. I'm not looking for sympathy, just understanding... Okay, so maybe a little bit of sympathy - this fourth baby thing is hard work! :)