Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Last Thursday afternoon we received a phone call from the Indian Consulate in San Francisco stating that our visa applications were denied because we were missing one of the necessary documents. It was a very stressful day, since we could not call India and request the document until later that night. After making several phone calls, I was able to reach a friend in Ooty. He went to the school to try and find an employee who could help us. They forwarded us a few documents, and we sent them on to the Embassy this morning.
There is still a chance that the document we sent will not quite be what the Indian Consulate is requiring. PLEASE PRAY that they will accept our applications and that our visas will be processed quickly! We are scheduled to depart Colorado on Monday, and then on to India on Tuesday. As I remember all of the running we did in the LA airport last summer, I wonder if it was for a reason. When we made our reservations this spring, one of our stipulations was that we travel through San Francisco and avoid LAX at all costs. That just might be providential... as we may need to physically go to the Consulate in San Francisco on Monday and pick up our passports and visas in person. We'll keep you updated!


Josh Borden said...

I understand how customs can go. I will be praying for paperwork, and stress free travel. I really miss having you guys around. I look forward to more updates.

Kendra said...

You all have been in my prayers since I said good bye. I will continue to pray that God takes care of the details and prepares the way as He has already done.
You are loved and missed.

Laura Rodgers said...

praying for you guys! Let me know if I can help at all here on this end in the Bay Area! :)