Friday, July 18, 2008

Safe in India

We are in India!!! Everything went smoothly today, and tonight we are in our hotel in Bangalore. A good friend met us at the airport, and with a little help we were able to load and unload all of our suitcases on the car and into our hotel room. The place that we are staying is very nice. It's a suite with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a dining/living room.

Everyone has been very friendly, especially the security guard who came up to our room to ask us for some more money (welcome to India). Our friend was able to call the hotel from the road, so there was some toast and jam waiting for us in the room when we arrived. The girls slept through dinner on the plane (just as well, because the food would have been too spicy), so they were quite hungry when we landed. Now they have all eaten and taken their Benadryl, so they are ready for bed.

On a funny note, when we were in the airport I turned to Addie and said, "This is India!" Evidently, she thought I was talking about the guy who was helping us with our luggage because after he left she kept asking, "Where India go?" Oh, Addie.


moneyblog said...
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Kathie said...

Hurray!!! We are so glad you are safely there! Good call on the Benadryl - we used actifed in 1980 and it tastes awful. Have a wonderful séjour - we'll be following your progress via your blog! Kathie and Terry

Curchem's said...

I feel your pain. We had 8 nearly 50 lb suitcases for 5 of us to go to Hawaii for two weeks. I mentioned more than once that you guys were moving to India for years with less!

I am with Johnny...I would have cried many more times than just once.