Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Answers to Prayer

First of all, here's an update on our visa situation. Yesterday afternoon we called the outsourcing office in San Francisco (see, not all jobs get outsourced to India) to find out if the document that we had sent in was accepted by the Consulate. The "hang-up of the day" was that the document that the Consulate had requested from us was a letter of recognition - a statement from the government of India that shows that the school is officially sanctioned by the government. Well, the school sent us a scan of the document, but it's a letter from 1913!!! When the outsourcing office received it, they called us saying that the Consulate might not accept it because it didn't have a raised seal on it. Unbelievable! We told them that it was all we had, so they said they would go ahead and send it over to the Consulate and then they would call us.
Well, yesterday afternoon we called the outsourcing office to see if they had heard anything from the Consulate. The first time we called, our cell phone service lost the call. The second time, Ryan talked with a guy that said he hadn't seen anything come through, but it was a little strange because he hadn't even bothered to verify our names or our confirmation numbers. The third time, Ryan talked to a lady that he had talked to several times before, and she put him on hold. When she came back on the phone she said, "The courier just brought over your family's passports from the Consulate, so we'll get them sent to you tomorrow." We were shocked! Not only had the Consulate accepted our 1913 letter, but they had processed our visas in less than 6 hours! So, our passports (with the visas included) are in the mail, and should arrive tomorrow. What an answer to prayer!

In addition to the visas, we've had several other answers to prayer this week.
1. Our van sold!!! A couple who has recently moved back to the US (they were serving with Youth With a Mission in Brazil) bought it in Colorado. We hope that they will enjoy it as much as we have!
2. I (Angie) was approved for a grant through Project MedSend. They will pay my student loans while we are on the field. PTL!
3. We found our flash drive/card/thing-y. You know the little stick that you can store stuff on. We thought it was lost, so we bought a new one. When we found the old one we took the new one back to the store and it saved us $30! Who-hoo!

In addition to these things, we have been blessed with so much more that is even more valuable to us than what money can buy. We are so blessed to have family and friends like you who have supported us with your prayers and encouragement! We are even more blessed to have a Savior who loves us unconditionally and calls us to love others!


Jen said...

I just wanted to cry reading this! When it's the Lord's plan for you, then he makes a way... proof with all your prayers being answered!!!

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Dustin Barrington said...

It is so great to be a part of what God is doing in your lives. Here is a YWAM contact in the city you guys are going to...

New Life Bridge Project
P.O. Box 26
Ootacamund, Tamil Nadu 643 002

Ave # Staff: 6
Languages: Tamil, English Director: A. & Esther Shankar
Phone: 0091-4232442614
Fax: 0091-4232442624


Dustin Barrington