Saturday, August 16, 2008

Independence Day!

Today was holiday, but we still had a special Independence Day flag raising and assembly. It was quite formal with most people in traditional Indian dress (except several Korean students who were wearing Han Bok, in celebration of today being Korea's Independence Day). Ryan played the trumpet in a small orchestra - they played the Indian national anthem, which is quite different than anything I've ever heard before. They also played at the the assembly. I didn't get to stay for the whole thing because I was due to open the clinic (Hoz). Ryan had quite a fun day (not) with the girls who were tired, bored, and very emotional.
Here is a picture of Addie after the flag ceremony. In the background is the principal with the guest of honor and his wife, and the color guard. Oh, I forgot to mention that the flag was already at the top of the flag pole at the beginning of the ceremony, so when the guard when to hoist it (so we thought) he actally just pulled a string and the flag opened up - dropping flower petals on the crowd - Addie thought it was great!

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Kee family said...

We love this picture. Grandpa has labeled it "Legally blond in India".