Monday, August 4, 2008


At the moment, Addie is down for a nap (or a sleep as they call it around here) without a diaper (or a nappie as they call it around here). Getting the "lingo" correct can be quite a challenge, but pretty funny at the same time.
We were having dinner with some Kiwi friends (New Zealanders) a couple of nights ago, and we were talking about some of the different names for clothing here at Hebron. For instance, they call pull-over sweaters and fleeces "jumpers", and they call jumpers "pinafores". The British call pants "trousers", and they call underwear "pants". So confusing!
Our friend was saying that she was on a school camping trip a while back, and it had rained the entire weekend. Her pants (Kiwis have the same definition of pants as we do) were hanging on a clothes line over a fire, and when she thought they were dry she reached up to get them but wasn't tall enough. So, she turned to another teacher, who happens to be an ordained minister with the Church of England, and said in a rather loud voice, "Can you pull down my pants?" She could tell by the look on his face (and by the roar of laughter all around her) that she had said something wrong!
When she told us this story we laughed so hard, we almost wet our pants!