Monday, August 4, 2008

Pics of the Kitchen

So, I had this great idea to write a few blog entries at home on our laptop, and then copy the text into the blog in the computer lab at the school but it backfired! The problem is that our laptop is a Mac, and the school computer doesn't recognise the format from the laptop. So, I printed off an image of the text, and now I am trying to read it (because it's all fuzzy) and re-type it (Grrrr).
Anyway... Here are a few pics of our kitchen and dining room. Please notice our cute little oven that Ryan bought a couple of days ago, and the red curtain that I purchased in Conoor and hemmed myself (and by hemmed, I mean used the iron-on stuff that I brought from home).
I hope all of you think of us when you go to turn on the hot water in your kitchen. We only have a cold water tap, and we have to heat all of the water for washing dishes on the gas stove (no, I don't have a lady that comes and does my dishes - she only sweeps, mops, and does the laundry!). Also, we can't drink the water from the tap, so that's why we have the stainless steel container on the counter. Drinking water has to be hauled from the dining hall, which for us is just around the corner.
The other two pics are taken from the kitchen, looking into the dining room. The steps in the dining room lead up to the girls' rooms, and the steps that you can see through the brown doorway in the next picture lead in to the closet where we keep tools and firewood.


the Hampton's said...

What a nice kitchen! It appears to be missing something though..maybe like...a BUTTER DISH!! :) Lol..thanks so much!!! We laughed hard!! Love and miss you guys!!
J & J

Karen said...

Such a cute place! Glad you're there and settling in.

Bergen said...

That kitchen looks like an upgrade from Culver. Stacey and I had a kitchen about 1/4 that size when we lived in Chapman... but we did have hot water. Thank you for the wonderful updates on the blog.