Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Brenna's Birthday Catastrophe

Brenna's 8th birthday was on Sunday. It was a busy day, but we managed to make it memorable. That afternoon I made my first cake in India. I don't usually like to brag, but it was beautiful. Brenna helped me put the finishing touches on it by adding candles (which my parents had brought out at Christmas) and little pink candies in the shape of a "B" to the top of the frosting (recipe was thanks to my friend Heidi). We put it on top of the fridge - mostly to keep Addie away from it, and went to a local hotel for dinner.
Brenna had chosen to go to the Holiday Inn, because they are one of the only places in town that has hamburgers and french fries. Before we got there we called my friend Bec to see if she knew what time the restaurant opened (places here don't serve dinner until at least 7pm). She called ahead for us, and told the manager that it was Brenna's birthday and that we would be arriving a few minutes before they opened. What we didn't know was that she also requested that they bring us a cake with candles. So, before our dinner arrived we ate chocolate cake - trying not to spoil our apetites for our dinner and our chocolate cake and ice cream at home.
Needless to say, we were really full when we got home so Brenna opted to open her birthday gifts and not eat any more cake that night. Ryan and I were also really tired, but before we went to bed I figured that I should probably cover the cake with a pot or something so that it wouldn't dry out during the night.
The strange thing was that when I went to cover the cake I noticed that there were only 3 little candies on the top of it. "Addie!" (surprise, surprise) "Did you eat the candies on Brenna's cake?" I asked her. "No, Mommy. You ate them!" Well, obviously I knew that I hadn't eaten them, so I asked Lauren who also denied eating them. By this time, Brenna was asleep so I couldn't ask her. But I figured it was her birthday so it didn't really matter if she had eaten them (I was a little disappointed that I hadn't taken a picture of my beautiful cake earlier). So I covered it with a big pot and went to bed.
The next morning I told Brenna that she could have some cake for breakfast (as any normal parent would have done). However, as I uncovered the cake, I noticed that there were little footprints all over it. Something had been on the fridge the night before when we were out to dinner, and had stolen the candies off the cake! I yelled for Ryan who took one look at the cake and pulled the fridge away from the wall. There tucked into the back of the fridge were all of the pink candies (and a bunch of poo)!! So, last night we put a large trap on the fridge, and this morning when Ryan checked it, the cake ruiner was in it - A RAT!!!
Here is what I heard Addie saying to the rat while Ryan was getting his shoes to take the rat out to the garbage pit. "You naughty, naughty wat! You ate the sweeties off Bwenna's birt-day cake. Now you have an owie neck. Don't you do that anymore. Okay? Okay."


LaVonne said...

Angie, I look forward to all of your updates and reading about your experiences. While my husband was at M. D. Cancer Center in Houston I visited with one of his nurses from India, she was familiar with the area you live in and her children had attended a private school, but I forgot which one.

Josh Borden said...

HAHA, ok, I miss you guys, but Addie, haha...I nearly fell out of my chair laughing. Glad to hear that things are going well. Love the updates and the pictures. God Bless

Curchem's said...

OK--a bunch of comments.

First, Happy Birthday Bren--From Brad.

Glad to know that even Rats like Izzy's frosting! Who woulnd't?

Maddie thinks your new picture on your homepage is Disneyland. I told her the Ketchum's better not go to Disneyland without us!

The kids made me read and re-read Addie's advice to the deceased vermin so they could crack up over and over.

We got a dog...I'll have to email you.

the Hampton's said...

O man! This is great! Happy Birthday Brenna! I am sure the rat was very glad you shared your cake with him.
Also, I am glad to see Ryan is still wearing his MAC shirt...how does it look with a skirt Ryan?
We miss you guys so much and really do think of you often.
Love you!

Kee family said...

Almost all of my friends LOVE this story and Addie's comments to the naughty wat with the sore neck - all except Virginia. The rat was just too gross for her, but she is REALLY praying for you now!

We all think this is the funniest entry yet. Did Brenna see any humor in the situation?

Dixie and Friends

Jen said...

Solomon says Happy Birthday Brenna.

So do you know Meghna?

Reiter family said...

hahahahahahaha. that was awesome!!!! i love my neices!