Thursday, February 12, 2009

Prayer Updates

Dear Friends and Family,

The great thing about a blog is that everyone can have access to it. The bad thing about a blog is that EVERYONE can have access to it! We have realized over the past few months that there are things going on in our lives here in India that we can't share over the web - things that we desperately need you to be praying about! This blog is great for showing you pictures of our family and where we live, but it really falls short when it comes to really connecting you to what God is doing in our lives.

If you would be interested in receiving a more specific update from us, would you please email us with a brief description of how you know us (or came to know about us)? We need you to be praying for us!

Our email address here at school is angiek(at) (Be sure to replace the (at) with an @ or it won't work)

We look forward to hearing from you!

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Somewhere in the Middle said...

I tried to send the following to the e-mail address, but it wouldn't work for some reason:

Hi Angie!

I have been keeping up on your blog (and enjoying it very much!). I read your latest and want you to know that I have been praying for you and your family. It is exciting to see your fervor for the Lord and your willingness to serve Him. It is also a joy to see pictures of your girls, and all of you, and see the smiles on your faces. I am sure there are many difficult days.

I would love to receive a prayer e-mail so that I can pray for specific things.

Jenna told me that you have been able to communicate a few times lately. God has placed her in a very good place for this season of her life. I am just a little jealous! :) But thankful for all He is doing in her life.

Have a wonderful day!

Jenny Redmond
Lynden, WA
(Jenna's mom)