Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Addie turns 3!

Today is Addie's 3rd birthday! Since I have to work in the clinic tonight, we celebrated this morning before school with a pancake breakfast. Addie opened her presents (clothes, undies, and a little princess doll), and got to wear her birthday crown!

Here are some birthday pictures of Addie from the past 3 years - hope you like them!


Kee family said...

Happy Birthday Addie... you look great in your crown!

Grandpa Ron and Grandma Dixie

the Hampton's said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Addie! We love and miss you very much!
Johnny, Joye and Caleb

katieanne said...

Can it have been that long already? It seems like just yesterday that I hated you because you were so tiny and adorably pregnant while I was a gigantic monster with elephant legs. Oh, the good ol' days... Happy Birthday Addie!!