Friday, January 30, 2009


We stayed four nights in a great little guesthouse in Cochin called Kapithan Inn. They served us breakfast on the roof, and we were within walking distance of everything - including a Cafe Coffee Day, which we frequented at least once a day.

We were really close to the Arabian Sea, and the girls were able to put their feet in the water on one of the first days we were in Cochin.

A couple days later an auto driver took us to a place on the shore where we could see across the bay to the mainland (Cochin is on a peninsula). I was shocked by the garbage in the water, and wasn't anxious to let the girls play in the sea anymore.


Tina said...

Oh wow! Hebronites who blog!!! This is exciting!
My name is Priyanka (a.k.a Tina) Nandi... I graduated from Hebron in 2006 and I just googled Hebron School, Ooty and came across your Blog!
How do guys like Hebron?? I miss it so much!!

herrmann crew said...

Hi there.... Looks like you guys are adjusting well. Katelyn had your family card and noticed that it was Brenna's bday.... So we are writing to wish her a happy birthday from Roosevelt Elem... and Idaho.... and Katelyn!!!

Reiter family said...

Awww - this makes me miss you guys! It's so fun to see pix here! I love it! Love you guys.