Saturday, January 17, 2009

Okay... so we stink at updating our blog, and we're having some issues with the size of our family photo. We are leaving our hotel in Mysore (and our internet connection), and we're headed back to Ooty. Over the next few days we'll be posting pictures of our recent adventures - we've had company for the past 4 weeks!


Karissa said...

Oh yay, that will be
: ) hee hee

the Hampton's said...

Welp...Ryan you look great!
We are looking forward to your stories of adventure.
Love you all!

Julie Frizzell said...

Ketchum family...You don't know me (what a crazy way to start this=))...but I found you through my brother & sister-n-law's new blog they are putting together, as they just moved to Ooty this past week from Minneapolis to work with an organization called Freedom Firm. (They are jayson & Tarrah Palm) After taking a peek through your blog, I'm excited to share it with my sister-n-law, Tarrah, as I think it will be encouraging to her, seeing how far you've come since your move. Their kids will also be attending Hebron school. I feel tears inside knowing there are other families in Ooty that they will do life together with. I know it's not by coincidence that I clicked on "Ooty" & found your blog. I don't know how to connect you, as they don't have internet hook-up yet, although Jayson has been going to an internet cafe & begins work this week. Their email is & their blog is .
Blessings to you...
Julie Frizzell (St. Louis)

the Hampton's said...

YEAH!! the whole family! You guys all look fabulous! Still looking forward to stories of adventure!
Still love you all!