Monday, May 5, 2008

Korean Dresses (hanbok)

Last week, one of the older men in our church passed away. Today was his wife's birthday, and in her honor we had a special party. All of the children in our church came out wearing traditional Korean dresses (except Dylan - the only boy) and sang a few songs to her, both in English and Korean. Debbie, the honored guest, was very moved by the presentation and I hope it made her feel loved and appreciated in the midst of her incredible loss.

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Angie said...

Hi from Darlene Potter!
I just love your blog and family website. I have been thinking about you lots lately. I have been praying about where to go on my next W&W trip. I haven't been to India for two years now.
I can't seem to connect with a medical team, but maybe will head up a construction team to PNG. Which leads me to ask Ryan about the conditions there and what would he recommend?
You family has really grown and Brenna's ballet dance was great!
Love you guys!