Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ballet Video

Here are two videos of Brenna at her recital. The first one is her ballet dance, and the second one is her tap dance.


Heather said...

Angie and Ryan, this is too sweet! Each time I see Brenna's sweet face during the children's praise and worship, I feel blessed. Your daughters are so precious.

herrmann crew said...

Wow Brenna is adorable!! Katelyn loved to watch her!! She is asking to be in dance now- who did you go through??

ketchumfamily said...

It was through Kennedy School of Dance. Her teacher was wonderful, and she really enjoyed it. This was her first year, and they always have classes for beginners of every age. I would totally recommend it! I would say call now to get your name in, even if you decide not to do it later. :)