Monday, April 21, 2008

Last Culver BBQ

Tonight was the kick-off BBQ for the Culver Olympics. In two weeks, the college students will move out of the dorm, and we will sort through all of our belongings and make final preparations for our move to India. At this point, it all feels very overwhelming, so we are just taking it one day at a time. It was a lot of fun to have our guys together in the lobby tonight (it was too cold to go outside). Here are a few pictures...

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Simon Lambert said...


A friend of mine at Hebron said that you posted on her blog saying that you were coming to work here at Hebron at the start of the next academic year! I found some of my photos on your blog! If you want any more let me know. Also, you probably have loads of questions about everything, I know\I did when I was about to start volunteering. If you need answers to anything, feel free to send as many emails as you like to me. My address is

God Bless,

Simon Lambert