Sunday, April 13, 2008

Baby Skin

Today is Sunday and I am stuck at home once again. Ryan is leading worship this weekend for the College Church Youth Discipleship Retreat at a monastery, and won't be home until this afternoon. And unfortunately, Addie has developed some strange rash all over her body.
Yesterday was a beautiful day here. The sun was out and the afternoon high was 83 degrees! I went to a baby shower for a friend, and one of our favorite college girls came over to babysit the Lauren, Brenna, and Addie. Around noon, she took them over to the NNU boys baseball game. Being such a great sitter, she put sunscreen on all of them - even in Addie's hair.
The girls continued to play into the afternoon. Since it was so warm, they mostly colored and dug in the dirt under the giant gum tree. Addie wore a hat most of the time, but continued to wear her jeans and a long sleeved shirt. At one point, late in the afternoon, Addie got into some lotion under the bathroom sink. It was body lotion but it contained Alpha Hydroxy, and I think she ended up rubbing it all over her face.

When we got to dinner last night, Addie's face was red and splotchy. I washed it with cold water, and gave her a wet napkin to hold on it. A couple of times she pointed to her face and said, "Hot!" After dinner we went over to my friend's, Candice, house and visited inside for about an hour. When we got home, I put Addie in a cool bath, washed her up, put Curel (fragrance free) lotion on her and put her in bed.
All this to say that when she woke up this morning she had a head to toe rash! Her eyelids are swollen, and she has a lacy rash on her face, arms, legs, belly, and back. The pattern of the rash is really strange too. It looks like the result of sun exposure - but only if she had been wearing a very low necked, short sleeved shirt and shorts. Which is strange, since she had long pants and a long sleeve shirt on until dinner - and she didn't play outside after that.

I don't know, but it was enough to keep us all home from church today. I gave Addie some Benadryl to help relieve any itching. Hopefully it will help. And until the rash clears up, she will be playing inside.

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Anonymous4now said...

That rash was likely fifth disease. Harmless childhood illness that is characterized by a rash that has a lacey pattern. She would have been contagious before the rash appeared, and other kids can show their symptoms up to 28 days after exposure.