Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Our New Home!

My friend, Suzanne (well, she'll be my new friend as soon as I meet her), sent me several pictures of our new home at Hebron! These came via email on Friday, and they were my sanity over the weekend. Several times during our moving sale I found myself retreating to the office to look at these pictures - it really helped me as I watched people walk away with things that I have owned for the past several years.
Thank you Suzanne for sending the pictures!


Danielle said...

Hey Ketchum Family! Your new house is sooo cute! I just wanted to wish you guys good luck on your new adventure and let you know you will be missed!! Love you guys!

Jenelle Porter

the Hampton's said...

It looks adorable! The flowers all around it are going to be so much fun! Don't worry I am already saving my money to come visit...but then I had to buy gas...so, I have 10Cents saved up....it might be a while before I get to India!
Love you guys!

herrmann crew said...

Your house is adorable!! Good luck with everything!! Have Brenna stay in touch with Katelyn.. Katelyn says she will miss her!!!