Thursday, June 26, 2008

Bass Family Reunion

This week we are in Ouray, Colorado with my (Angie's) mom's family. It has been 12 years since the last reunion, so it is fun to see all of the cousins who are now grown and have families of their own. My grandma is quite proud that all of her children, and almost all of her grand and great grand children are here. The only ones who are missing are my brother and his family. They actually live here in Colorado, but they just welcomed their second son into the world on Sunday so they are home recuperating!
Ouray (pronounced "yer-AY") is one of the most beautiful towns I have ever seen. It is nestled in the western slope of the Rocky Mountains, and is surrounded by magnificent cliffs and waterfalls. Tomorrow we are planning to take our kids to the Hot Springs Pool in town. After that, we might stroll down the main street and look at some of the shops.


Karen said...

So last night we were watching some sort of "when animals attack" type thing on Animal Planet, and one of the clips was an elephant rampage at a religious ceremony in India. When Sam heard them say India he sat straight up and said, "India!? Isn't that where Lauren is moving to?!" He was really concerned for her safety. I assured him that there would probably not be elephants on a rampage in your particular area.

right? :)

Barb Kaper said...

How you must have enjoyed your time in Ouray! I know your Gram did! How I miss Ollie May Bass here in Grand Junction but she welcomed me for a sleep over as I was on my way to friends and family last Friday. Oh, yes, Saturday I enjoyed her yummy cinnaomon rolls that we used to get when she brought treats for our Tuesday morning Bible Study Prayer Group. We all miss her but rejoice with the love from family and kindnesses to her there in Ft. Collins.
We all prayed for your safe travel and will continue to access your blogspot now and again enlarging our world!
Our AM group presnetly supports three Gospel for Asia Missionaries in India (it's still very much a foreign country to me as I don't know their provinces).
May God bless and protect you as you offer yourselves in His service!
In His everlasting arms,
Barb Kaper