Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Ryan's Salon Concert

Last Wednesday, Ryan performed in a salon (small) concert downtown with the mother of one of his students.  The concert was sponsored by a Korean bank that is new to Cambodia, and most of the people in attendance were associated with the bank or, as in our case, family/friends of the performers.

Ryan played the piano and the trumpet, and Addie and I enjoyed a night on the town.  Afterwards we were treated to dinner at a local Italian restaurant.  It was fun to do something very out of the ordinary in our own city!

All dressed up and ready to go!

A picture of the performers and their spouses, I think.


Luke Burkey said...

Thanks for posting Angie. Love you all.

TSK said...

sweet. i know he's amazing, but i want to see ryan play both at the same time.

Heather said...

Hi Ketchums, great to "see" you again. Angie, you look fabulous - we're so grateful to see you in good health. Take care of yourselves and please know that the Lees are thinking of you with much fondness.

Will you send us your mailing address for our annual card? Thanks -

hi_c74 at Hotmail dot com