Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A day in the life...

When we were in Bangalore visiting with some good friends last month, we ate a traditional biryani meal in their home. Biryani is a very special food - kind of like an Indian version of fried rice with pieces of chicken in it that is served at weddings and on holidays. Our friends had tried not to make it too spicy, but I still wasn't too sure that the girls would manage very well. They eat Indian food for lunch at school, but it's really difficult to get them to eat it any other time. Our friends offered to make the girls noodles, but I thought it would be best for the girls to at least try.

Anyway, what ensued was something I will not forget for a long time. Lauren, Brenna and Addie tried the biryani with smiles on their faces, and kept asking for more pieces of chicken and more servings of rice. They were quick to say please and thank you, and when they were full (after having at least 3-4 servings each!) they graciously said, "I think I'm full, but the food was very good," folded their banana leaves in half ('cause that's what you do), and went to wash their hands.

Honestly, I was a bit shocked, but so so SO PROUD! I was so proud of them for trying something that they weren't sure they were going to like, for having good attitudes and gracious manners, and for being genuinely appreciative of our friends' hospitality. I was also struck by how much they had grown and matured since we first moved to India, and it gave me a fresh desire to be a more patient and "present" mom - knowing that the years ahead will go by so quickly.

As for Megann - she seems to prefer Indians over westerners, she loves spicy food, and she doesn't mind getting pinched on the cheek for good luck.

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