Thursday, February 17, 2011

Brown Eyed Girl

Brenna - this month you turned 10! From the time you were born, we knew you were special. You had crazy hair and big brown eyes. You started crawling before you could sit up, and you started walking well before your first birthday. You loved to wear tutus and rain boots, and you could often be seen parading around our yard carrying the neighbor's cat like a sack of potatoes.

You are an amazing mix of confidence and reserve. I have learned not to be concerned when you lock yourself in your room or when you want to play with friends (or by yourself) for hours on end. You love reading biographies about people like Anne Frank, Mother Teresa, Winston Churchill and Bethany Hamilton but you also love the fanciful world of imagination. You are introspective and yet dramatic, and you are deeply affected by suffering around you. You continue amaze me in the way that make and keep friends so easily, and the way that you bring out the best in others.

Don't worry, I promise not to freak out when you tell me that you're dropping out of college and moving to a slum to help the poor and needy, or when you decide that you're not going to have any children or get married. But I also know you well enough that I'd better expect just the opposite, because you're predictably unpredictable. More than anything I want you to know that I love you and I'm so proud of who you are and who you're becoming. And I'm so glad that I get to be your mom.


Dixie said...

That is Brenna! Tell her I'll keep a journal when I'm in Calcutta so she can read it.

Heidi said...

Happy Birthday Brenna!

I hope you come see me soon. I hope you have a happy birthday. Watch out for Megan until we can meet her.


Hey Brenna
Don't let any rodents get your birthday cake this year! Hope you have a great birthday. I would love to hear about this year's birthday. Get some is getting harder. :)


Karissa said...

Wow . . . beautiful . . . wonderful. ^_^ <3 you Brenna and all of you so much!!!