Friday, April 2, 2010

Solar Eclipse

Here are some pictures of the solar eclipse we had on January 15th. It was wild -the shadows were all eclipsed (if this is the right term), and the light was really strange - like your eyes couldn't quite adjust to it. I got all kinds of comments about being outside during an eclipse while being pregnant. It's a superstition that if you do, then your baby will be born with a cleft lip. Well, you know me... I'm really not into superstition. But, if this baby is born with a cleft lip, then I'm leaving the country!

In the afternoon, once the eclipse was over, we went to a hotel across town with friends for afternoon tea. The kids had a great time playing with rabbits, riding bicycles, playing badminton, and going on pony rides. We had a great time just sitting in the sun.


Kee family said...
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Kee family said...

I learned that under a tree is a great place to see the eclipse of the sun. The leaves act like thousands of pinhole cameras showing the crescent of the sun...

Tom said...

Dear Ketchum family,

My name is Tom Levenson. I teach at MIT and I'm working on a book about the history of the hypothetical planet Vulcan, (a 19th century suggestion to explain anomalies with the orbit of Mercury). In the course of that book, I talk about a total eclipse of the sun during which astronomers searched for this supposed planet. I make mention of the pinhole-camera effect of the partial phase capture so nicely in the photograph above. I'm writing to ask if you would permit me to use that image, crediting whoever you tell me to, in that book.

It'll be called The Hunt for Vulcan, and it's to be published this November in the US and the UK, and perhaps elsewhere later.

I can be reached via email at I'd greatly appreciate it if I could use it -- it's a fine example of this phenomenon.

My best,