Friday, October 2, 2009

Cross Country 2009

Okay, okay... I know you're all wanting blog updates.  This school year has been absolutely crazy (all 2 months of it), but I do have a few things to post of our life here in India.  The Hebron School cross country race was on Ryan's birthday this year (Sept 5th), and here are a couple of pics so you can see Lauren and Brenna during their race.  I don't know how long the route is, but I think it's over 2 miles up and down hill.  The girls did a great job!  Brenna came in first place for the girls in her age group again (here she is crossing the finish line).  She especially loves running - where did we get that girl?  Lauren had a strong finish with a great attitude.  She is definitely her mother's daughter, and I was so proud of her for persevering through the entire thing.  Way to go!


Kee family said...

Way to go girls! It sounds like you did great. It was fun seeing Addie's race on the Palms' blog, also.

Karen Aunty said...

I admire anyone who runs, period. Well done. I run only when being chased.