Saturday, June 6, 2009

What was I thinking?

I consider myself to be a pretty discerning person - a fairly self-controlled and rational thirty-one year old woman. However, there is a man here in Ooty that has more influence over me than any person should have over another. He gets me to do things that I know are completely nonsensical, and even if I tell myself, "I'll never do that again" I find myself drawn to do it.

The man happens to be the ingenious owner of "Modern Stores" in Ooty. Take last week for instance... Just because I had not had tortilla chips in soooo long and he happened to put them on the shelf on the exact day that I was craving salsa, I purchased this one bag of Hint of Lime Tostitos for $6... TWICE! And then this week I had a chocolate craving on the exact day that he got in a new shipment of peanut M&M's (I hadn't seen them in India before) so I bought a single serving bag for $2... TWICE!!

I seriously need to reclaim control of my life.

For the record, though ... I spent over $3 a few months ago on a small package of Ritz crackers only to discover that the Monaco biscuits that cost around 75 cents taste almost as good (actually, they taste really good when you eat them with peanut M&M's).


Mike & Sydney


Haha! I know EXACTLY what you mean. I give in every once in a while to goody American food. :) But I had to stare at your chips bag for a long time cause the chip bags here all explode by the time they get to this altitude so there's no air left and all the chips are crumbled. I had forgotten what they looked like! haha but I totally feel ya on this!

the Hampton's said...

Do they take coupons there? I will be happy to load you up on coupons. :)

Reiter family said...

I have to say that I'd spend $6 on a bag of Hint of Lime tostitos - I'm with ya sister! As for the peanut m&m's - not so much - now, if they were mint, that's a completely different story! love you.

ketchumfamily said...

Thanks everyone for your comments!

No Joye, they don't take coupons. Sydney, what elevation are you at? We're at 7,000ft and the bag is about to burst, but luckily the chips stay airpacked. Cherie, hmmm...I've never heard of mint M&M's, but they sound yummy. They have had Mint Milano's here, but I've never checked the price. Whenever I see them on the shelf I think of you!

Mike & Sydney


We're at 8,000 ft. so I guess that 1,000 makes the difference!

Karissa Lillian Ellingson said...

Haha oh my that is so funny! You are so cute Angie! I remember that man at Modern...I believe you are right...he must have a gift! haha

Indian Lake Papa said...

Hi ! We just had "The Ketchums" at our NMI convention! MY wife and I were delegates. I got your card and see you have a blog! I have been blogging for 3 years now - God bless as you serve Him.

Indian Lake Papa

Jennifer said...

I'm glad you were able to get your tortilla and m&m fix! I know that is an important part of happiness ;)

Did you have a good time in the USA? I know you were so busy seeing everyone that you could, and family come first, so I am not saying this to make you feel bad: next time, come see us! I shouldnm't have told Solomon that you were in town. ( told him after the fact that you came). He was sad he couldn't see his friend Brenna! Maybe next time. Besides, I would love to visit with you! There's a big part of us that wants to live in India for awhile like you are doing! Would love to hear everything! :)

Sophie said...

Oh my goodness, I hear ya! We have these 2 wonderful stores that we call "the forenge(white person) stores." They are heavenly :)