Monday, April 6, 2009

Swimming Gala

This week is Parents Week at Hebron, so we are busy, busy, busy! It's great to meet so many parents from all over the world, working and ministering all over Asia. Today's big event was the Swimming Gala. Lauren and Brenna had a great time, and Brenna even won a gold medal!


Kendra said...

Congrats to Brenna! Again.. so much more grown up!

Reiter family said...

Wow! Lauren - I loved your dance that you did - way to go girl! Very cool! Brenna - congratulations on the gold medal - good swimmin' chick! Addy, I love your hat with the feathers - very cute - love the ballerina outfit too! Abby & Micah say hello and that they miss you very much! See you soon in June! :)