Monday, September 22, 2008

We really do live in India

My mom commented a few weeks ago that we've never posted pictures of Ooty. So, here are a few for starters...

1. Garden Road - to the right is the main part of town, to the left is the Botanical Gardens and Hebron School.
2. The view of Garden Road toward the School - yes, goats are always on this road.
3. Entrance of the Botanical Gardens and Hebron is through the green gate - Tibetan market is on the right.
4. Close up of the Garden entrance - we walk through this every time we come and go from school/home.
5. Once inside the gate, we take a turn to the right to enter Hebron. What a beautiful walk!


katieanne said...

Ethan loves the goats. Of course, he thinks they are dogs. Our dog has a tail much like a goat, so you can see the confusion...

Daniel said...

Ryan and Angie and Girls:

We enjoy every opportunity to talk with you and to visit your blog. We love you and pray for each of you by name daily. Look forward to being with you soon in Ooty!

Dad and Mom

Bergen said...

Love the sign- "OOTY is pleasant..." I think there is a similar sign in Nampa referring to the Golden Oasis.