Monday, February 25, 2008

Lauren's Piano Recital

Today after church Lauren played at her pre-'Junior Festival' recital. It was here in Nampa at Bethel Church of the Nazarene. She played two pieces that she'll be playing this coming Saturday for the judges. Here's a video of the two songs: "With a Yo, Ho, Ho" & "Spot". She did really well. She nailed a couple tricky things we've been working on at home. Way to go, Lauren! And all this after less than six months of lessons.

[Sidenote: the students weren't supposed to use their music today, in preparation for the Festival, which requires memorization. But the first student to play in the recital today accidentally took her music up and so the other students followed suit. You'll notice in the video that Lauren has her music with her, but we here at home know she didn't need it all. : )]

[Sidenote #2: a grandfather of one of the students got a call during the recital. His cell phone rang and he scrambled to turn it off. The ringing stopped, not because he silenced it...but because he answered it. His wife jabbed him. He kept talking! About a minute later he hung up, after thoughtfully allowing the rest of the audience to enjoy the conversation right along with him. Yeesh!]


Kee family said...

Lauren, Great job at your recital. Flat Lauren is trying to learn the songs you played. We'll take a picture of her practicing. We read Flat Stanley to Flat Lauren and she liked it...see you soon... Grandma and Grandpa

the Hampton's said...

I am simply amazed! Nice job Lauren!